Dr. Christian Bréchot
Executive Director of Inserm, Paris, France

Christian Bréchot is a specialist of liver diseases, especially B and C viral hepatitis. He has been director of an Inserm – Paris V University – Pasteur Institute research unit and head of the liver department at Necker Hospital in Paris. Cell biologist and hepatologist, he has contributed to the discovery of new therapeutic approaches for the treatment of hepatitis, of mechanisms involved in the onset of hepatitis B-and C-related liver cancer, to the understanding of cell cycle regulation as well as the impact of HBV and HCV genetic variability. Awardee of several scientific prizes (including that of the French Academy of Medicine, Jean Valade Award…) as well as civil honors (French national Legion of Honor), Christian Bréchot has published over 300 papers, of which 85 with a citation index exceeding 50. He also ranked 4th in the ISI survey of the most cited authors concerning hepatitis C.