Dr. Xavier Jouven
Cardiologist and electrophysiologist at the European G. Pompidou Hospital in Paris and an epidemiologist in Villejuif (INSERM U780) - Inserm, France

During his medical studies, he joined the Research Unit directed by Pierre Ducimetiere in 1990 and worked in cardiovascular epidemiology. He focused his search on sudden death and proposed an alternative approach to identify specific risk factors for sudden death in the population. He progressively developed research activities in cardiovascular and sudden death epidemiology and their immediate applications in public health. (INSERM AVENIR, team , Unit). Since 2007 and as professor in epidemiology, he has been leading the department of epidemiology and public health of University René Descartes Paris 5. He is currently secretary of the nucleus of epidemiology of the European Society of Cardiology.