Pr. Michael T. KLIMAS
Executive Director, Franchise Imaging Lead, Merck Research Laboratories, Boston, USA

Mike joined Merck’s imaging team to expand and leverage Merck’s imaging, biomarker and drug discovery leadership into academic, adjacent industry (diagnostic) and pharmaceutical partnerships.  Mike has responsibility for understanding the therapeutic area discovery and clinical development needs, networking those needs to internal expertise, building external partnerships to address the gaps, and maintaining Merck’s technology leadership with focused platform investments.

Mike most recently comes to Merck from GE Healthcare as Director, Molecular Imaging.  Mike led the Technology integration between the GE Medical Systems and Amersham (to form GE Healthcare) with an emphasis on developing projects and products that leveraged the unique breadth of engineering to informatics to diagnostic pharmaceuticals to life science tools, product developments that could not have taken place in either independent company.  Prior to the acquisition of Amersham, Mike had primary responsibility for the growing relationships and collaborative projects across imaging modalities between GE and the therapeutic pharmaceutical industry.

Mike had joined GE Medical Systems newly created Genomics and Molecular Imaging group in March 2001 to develop specific, quantitative and noninvasive imaging measures of disease progression and therapeutic efficacy.  Prior to GE, Mike researched CNS, respiratory and immunological drug discovery for AstraZeneca.  Managing project teams, chemistry and the CNS portfolio for AstraZeneca, Mike has direct experience in psychiatric (schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, depression), neurological (Alzheimer’s disease, migraine, stroke) and immunological therapy projects including the discovery and preclinical development of Seroquel’s successor, ZD3638.  His interest in imaging developed from the critical challenges of chronic disease evaluation and the clinical translation of animal models.  Mike obtained his PhD from Yale in 1988 with Professor Stuart L Schreiber.  His graduate career centered on organic synthesis and the application of transition metal mediated chemistry to the assembly of molecules of biological interest.  He completed his MBA from the University of Chicago in March 2004.