Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School. Director, Center for Cardiovascular Disease Prevention Divisions of Cardiovascular Diseases and Preventive Medicine, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Boston, USA

Dr. Ridker is Professor of Medicine at the Harvard Medical School and directs the Center for Cardiovascular Disease Prevention, a translational research unit at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston which focuses on the molecular and genetic epidemiology of cardiovascular diseases.
Dr. Ridker’s primary research brings together classical tools of large-scale, population based epidemiology with emerging genetic and molecular techniques. Particular areas of interest involve molecular and genetic determinants of thrombosis, and inflammation with a focus on “predictive medicine”, early diagnosis, and the underlying causes and prevention of ACS.  Dr. Ridker directs an NHLBI-funded institutional National Research Service Award in CV epidemiology, and Co-Directs the Leducq Center for Cardiovascular Research at BWH and Harvard Medical School. Dr. Ridker has been the recipient of Clinician Scientist and Established Investigator Awards from the American Heart Association. Time Magazine honored Dr. Ridker as one of America’s Ten Best Researchers in Science and Medicine in 2001.
Dr. Ridker is the author of over 290 original reports, 110 reviews and book chapters, and 3 textbooks related to cardiovascular medicine.