Pr. Faiez ZANNAD
Professor of Therapeutics at the Medical Faculty of the Henri Poincaré University of Nancy, Inserm, Hôpital Central, Nancy, France

Faiez Zannad, MD, PhD obtained his MD as a Cardiology specialist in 1979 from the Faculté de Médecine de Nancy. In 1981 he served as a Research Fellow at the Clinical Pharmacology Medical Research Unit of Oxford University, UK and in 1986 he obtained his PhD in cardiovascular clinical pharmacology from the University of Lyon. He is currently Head of the Division of Heart Failure, Hypertension and Preventive Cardiology/ department of Cardiovascular Disease of the academic hospital of Nancy, and Director of the Clinical Investigation Center (CIC), mutually funded by the academic hospital and the INSERM and of a research group at an INSERM Unit (U684, Cardiac Fibrosis, Stiffness and cardiovascular risk) at the Faculté de Médecine. He is coordinator of a Joint Research Program on transition from Hypertension to Heart Failure, in the EU-funded Excellence Network “InGeniousHyperCare”. He conducts his research, in the area of pathophysiology and pharmacotherapeutics of hypertension and heart failure. Dr Zannad is Fellow of the European Society of Cardiology (ESC), Vice-chairman of the ESC Working group on pharmacology and drug therapy, Chairman of the Board of the French Society of Hypertension as well as a member of a large number of international societies in cardiology, hypertension, pharmacology and therapeutics. He is currently Co- Editor in chief of Fundamental and Clinical Pharmacology, the official journal of the European Federation of Pharmacological Societies (EPHAR) and a member of the Editorial boards of a number of journals in the field of Cardiology, Hypertension and Cardiovascular Pharmacology. He has contributed more than 300 scientific publications and published several books on cardiovascular pharmacotherapy and on Heart Failure.